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Paul Harris Fellow recognition was created in memory of Paul Harris, the founder of Rotary, as a way to show appreciation for contributions to the Rotary Foundation’s charitable and educational program. A Paul Harris Fellow is an individual who contributes US$1,000 or in whose name that amount is contributed.

Every Paul Harris Fellow receives a pin, medallion and a certificate when he or she becomes a Fellow. This identifies the Paul Harris Fellow as an advocate of the Foundation’s goals of world peace and international understanding.

It has been a practice of many clubs in Australia to award a Paul Harris Fellowship to selected members in appreciation of his or her service to the club.

The Australian Centurion is a Rotarian who contributes or in whose name is contributed a minimum of AU$100.00 per annum to the Rotary Foundation’s Annual Programs Fund. Contributions are cumulative, and on reaching a total of US$1,000 become eligible for Paul Harris Fellow recognition.

The Rotary Club of Boulder’s Paul Harris Fellows are:

  • PP Frank Andinach

  • PP Frank Ardach (decd.)

  • PP Bill Brown

  • PP Bryan Hennekr Snr (decd.)

  • PP Bill Cavazzi

  • PP David James

  • David Kennedy (decd.)

  • PP Bill Lamb

  • PP Dennis Usher

  • Rtn Jack Pauley (decd.)

  • PP Peter Palmer (decd.)

  • PP Brian Osmetti

  • PP Bryan Henneker Jnr

  • PP George Wasiun

  • PP Tom Barry

  • PP Bill Main

  • Diane Main

  • Bernard Wright

  • P Rtn Mark Bailey

  • PP Bob Wallington

  • PP Mike Huxtable

  • P Rtn Pat Kennedy

  • Rtn Jeff Moyle

  • PP Mike Clarke

  • PP Jim Fleming

  • P Rtn Bill Greven

  • Rtn Ray Connell

  • PP Bill Franklyn

  • PP Bill Jackson

  • PP Athol Gray

  • PP Steve Genovese

  • Rtn Mario Cudini

  • Margaret Beatty

  • Rtn Tony Free

  • Glenn Wilson (Triple M)

  • Raelene Hutcheson (Triple M)

  • Steve Mills

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