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Frank Andinach (PP & PHF)

Frank is currently the longest serving member of the Rotary Club of Boulder having joined the club in 1973. Frank is a multiple Paul Harris Fellow Recipient and has served almost every position on the board. Frank has also been our Bulletin Editor for many years. Frank is also our Foundation Chair, sharing all his knowledge about Rotary.
Frank has also recently been awarded a 50 years service award from Rotary International.


George Wasiun (PP & PHF)

I joined the Rotary Club of Boulder in 1988 after Steve Genovese invited me to join. I had no idea what it was about or why I was joining Rotary. I did not take it seriously and Frank had to visit me to explain how important it was to attend meetings. I was put into the International committee, which started me off understanding Rotary. At this stage I had no idea what a big part Rotary was to play in my life. The big turning point came after about 3 months when the International director came into my office at work and said he had to leave town. He had an arm full of folders which he deposited on my desk and life changed dramatically then. I accepted the challenge and it turned out just the first in my life at Rotary.

The Rotary Club of Boulder has been a huge and very important part of my life and 100% supported by my wife Sandra and my family. After 32 years in the Rotary club of Boulder, I still love this Club and look forward to the challenges it will bring.

in 2021, George received a 1 Sapphire PHF for his service to the PCH Fund.


Jim Fleming (PP & PHF)

Joined 1998.
Joined to put something back into the community that has been so good to us and meet new friends away from work and sport
Rotary means friendship to me. Met some great friends for life locally in Australia and overseas, and a great circle of friendship to help and support you. It means you can put something back into your community with support and help to groups and individuals whom need it locally and throughout the world.


Ron Hunter

Ron joined the club in 2003 and has been one of the biggest contributors to our fines session in the history of the club.
Often on the road servicing the Mining Industry driving trucks, as well as being a Real Estate Agent. 


Craig Hicks (PP, ADG & PHF)

I joined Rotary in October 2011, as a member of the Rotary club of Boulder, after much encouragement from mutual friends also involved in Rotary.
I felt it was the right time to channel my energies into helping others in our community. Having been involved with Rotaract in the goldfields in the late seventies, mid eighties, I already had a good insight into what Rotary is and does. Rotary is a great way to network with like minded people, not just to promote your particular business,  but to make new friends, and to be able to contribute to specific community projects, fundraising activities and support Rotary Internationals avenues of service. Being actively involved with my Rotary club gives me a great deal of satisfaction from club fellowship, seeing our projects through to fruition, and getting the recognition and gratitude from our wider community.
Craig received a Paul Harries Fellow from the Club at our 2022/23 changeover for his many years of service to the club and also to Rotary International at District Level.

Craig Hicks.jpg

Bill Jackson (PP & PHF)

After a short recess, Bill affectionately known to the club as "King Billy" re joined the club in 2015 and is now looking after our International Portfolio.
Bill has filled many roles at the club including President and is a Paul Harris Fellow.
Bill is currently our International Director and looks after our Bali School Kids Project, Forever Angels and Meisha Matters as well as the Christmas Raffle and is also the caretaker of our Rotary Hub.


Akash Brahma

In 2015, I joined the Rotary Club of Boulder, I think, in the company of Keiran Warnock.

I was interested in community service. I was asked to come along by John Hailey, met a good bunch of funny old guys and wanted to be part of the group.

Rotary to me is an organisation that does nothing but good on a world scale and on a personal scale provides the following:

  • An opportunity to de-stress and enjoy fellowship.

  • An environment where a bunch of doddery old men can get together and expend a little energy and take the piss out of each other whilst generating a benefit and goodwill to our community.


David Holle (PP)

I eventually joined the Rotary Club of Boulder in 2016 after many attempts of members to convince me to sign up. I have always been involved in community and sporting groups since moving to the Goldfields in 2005 and saw the Rotary Club of Boulder as an opportunity to do some good in the community and have fun at the same time.
Rotary to me is people helping out where they have the ability to do so.
It is the coming together of like-minded individuals for the common goal of making a difference and enjoying fellowship along the way.
Dave is Currently the youngest member of the club.


Stuart Fleming (PP & PHF)

I joined the Rotary Club of Boulder in 2016.
I have always been very involved in the community and this was a great outlet for me to get involved.
My Dad Jim has been an active member of Boulder Rotary for many years, during that time I have been loosely connected to the club helping out during functions and events, it felt natural to me to join after finding myself with the time to commit to the club.
Rotary to me is about a sense of being and the satisfaction of giving.

Stuart served as the 60th President of the Rotary Club of Boulder in 2020-2021 and was awarded a PHF in 2023.

Australia Day Awards Stu_edited.jpg

Mark Bartle (PP)

Mark was our President for 2021-2022 and the 2023-2023 Rotary Year.

Since joining the club with his brother John, Mark has served as Vocational Director, Membership Director, Club Service and President (for two years) as well as filling in part time in the absence of the current president.

Mark has also been instrumental in the running of the Christmas Raffle and Race Days for the past few years.

"Mark Bartle is the man that can make anything happen" - Bronson Heke, 31st October 2021


Andrew Lalonde

Joined Rotary July 2018

New to Kalgoorlie and wanted to find something worthwhile to do and after a chance meeting with George came to a Rotary meeting and found what I was looking for.

Rotary gives me a sense of belonging, fellowship and satisfies my desire to do some good in the community.

Pictured with his much loved Great Dane Carrie, both can be seen out and about contributing to our community on a regular basis.



Terry Winner

We need to be nice about what we say about Terry here, not that he will read it, however, he is currently serving as our Sargent at Arms and is our Fines master, and doing a great job at that.

Terry BBQ.jpg

Rod Thomson

Rod has recently re-joined the club after leaving for work reasons.

Rod is a past Radio Auction Chairman and is currently heading up our Perth Children's Hospital Goldfields Family Assistance Trust Fund Committee.

Rod is currently on a working holiday around Western Australia and continues to service the club remotely.


Aiden Luke

I joined Rotary late 2019
I have wanted to give back to the goldfields community through a service group as my father did for some time, then Rotary assisted my family through a trying stage in life with the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation, I met George and other Rotarians through this journey and was sold on becoming a part of this gang of larrikins who go out of their way to help others.
Rotary to me is to be a part something bigger than self, assisting others in need creating relationships with great people and enjoying the journey all for a better cause.

Aidan is currently the 2023-2024 President of the Rotary Club of Boulder.

Aidan Jester_edited.jpg

Scott Jones



Darren Clark

I was interested to join Rotary well before I actually did. It  was very impressive of course  to witness the great  & large scale local & greater Community events that Rotary regularly did.

 I was then involved in another  local community Club, loyalty, & being advised that the Rotary Club was quite elite for business People held me off joining for some time.

One of the best things I did when I did say  yes to the invitation for a free Dinner on one particular  Rotary meeting night.

The Club took me in as I was.

 I always look forward to when I can make our Rotary Clubs  sociable Meetings on Tuesday Nights.

Even though my contribution is far from that of others in our Club, it is personally very rewarding to do what I can  knowing  it helps a lot of  different Groups of grateful People.

Darren Clark_edited.jpg

Daniel Selleck

Daniel Selleck_edited.jpg

Matt McGinty

Matt Mcginty_edited.jpg

Chris Meeneghan

Leprechaun Rotarian.jpg
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