34th Annual Online Radio Auction

Our Annual Premier Event

Preparations for the 34th Boulder Rotary Radio Auction are underway. In 2018 we reached the $2.1million raised for the Goldfields. This year we continue our journey towards $3million.

Through the generosity of local businesses, we are able to run this Auction with the funds going to local beneficiaries. This is run annually, so if your organisation has a project and requires assistance, please apply in writing detailing your project and your requirements.

The Auction will be Launched on air this year LIVE on Triple M Goldfields. This will then be followed by our traditional Launch Party Tower Hotel on Friday 2nd August 2019. Tickets for this event are $25 per person and includes finger food as well as beer, wine, champagne and soft drinks. To get tickets, contact:

Any enquiries regarding the Auction, please contact Auction Chairman Stuart Fleming 0417 958 415

Application form can be dowloaded direclty from here

Lakes Electrical Distributors - (08) 9021 2822

Brahma Wealth Management - (08) 9021 6753


Rotary Club of Boulder
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David Holle - 0409 450 400 / david.holle@bigpond.com

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